Using Video for Marketing: Is It Worth It?

If you were to ask people’s opinion on film and video today, many would tell you that we are “in the age of video” and bring up related topics such as YouTube, Vimeo, and misc. social media outlets where videos have gone viral.  However, in reality, the “age of video” would have been more like five or ten years ago, when video first started taking the world by storm.  When personal cameras and cell phones were released that could easily record and upload video, we all saw a major influx in video on the Internet.  So, in our opinion, a more accurate description of the world of video today would be “necessary”.


What do we mean by “necessary”?  Well, if you don’t have video, your website and/or blog can look as if they have lagged behind and are less edgy than the video-saturated media around them.  This is not what you as a business owner strives for when approaching potential customers.  Businesses want to appear modern, well equipped, and appealing.  By incorporating video into your marketing plan, your small business can achieve all of these things and more.  Video allows potential customers to connect with you and your business in a way that isn’t possible through text and photo alone.  When you are able to see someone’s mannerisms, and/or hear their voice, you instantly feel as if you ‘know” them in a way that a simple photo does not allow.  People are more likely to buy a product or service from someone they feel they can trust, so this connection could be vital to a customer choosing you over a competitor.  One of the biggest questions that plagues small-business owners though, is “will using video worth it?”


By “worth it” you most likely mean will it be worth the resources and effort put into it.  In the majority of cases, the answer is a resounding YES.  Contrary to what you might think, video does not have to be expensive or time consuming.  In fact, you don’t even have to spend time in front of the camera if you aren’t comfortable being videoed.  If you are a local Polk County, FL small business, you can call on Newton Peach Marketing.  We are equipped to help you gather the material needed to make an appealing and exciting video for your business.  You can also spice up your blog by adding short, personal videos pertaining to your business or you as a business owner if you are comfortable doing so.


If incorporating video into your business sounds like something you are interested in, call Newton Peach Marketing!  We serve Winter Haven and the surrounding central Florida area, so chances are, we aren’t too far away from you!  Let us help you grow your business!