Keep Up the Pace: Why You Shouldn't Take a Marketing Break During the Holidays"

The holidays are upon us!  Thanksgiving is just 3 days away, and Christmas is right around the corner.  With all the merriment, dinners, parties, and more, it can be easy to fall into the trap of letting your marketing lag a little bit during the holidays.  Sometimes it seems like a struggle just to keep up with regular day-to-day tasks needed for your business in the midst of the holiday craziness, so why is it so important to not take a break from marketing? 

First, the holidays are a hot time to pull in customers.  Whether you offer goods or services through your business, the holiday season is when people are thinking about buying, building, or adding new services to save them time in the midst of their own busy schedules.  You could be missing out on some great opportunities if you aren't keeping your name in front of potential customers or clients. 

Just think: people don't want to take time to clean their own home/pool, mow their own yard, etc. around the holidays.  If you offer services like this, you could pull in lots of new customers simply by keeping up your marketing and making sure they see your name FIRST.  Offer a Christmas special or holiday promotional, and you are even more likely to get their business. The same idea goes for businesses selling goods (lots of people shopping for Christmas gifts!) or even services related to the medical, travel, or insurance industry! 

Secondly, you shouldn't take a break from your marketing because it's your chance to get a "leg up" over your competition.  If other businesses are busy just like you are, they will likely let their marketing take a backseat for a while around this time of year.  By standing out from the crowd and hitting your marketing even harder around the Thanksgiving and Christmas season, you could beat out some of your heavy competition for new customers.  Think of this time of year as an opportunity to focus on growing your business! 

If marketing in the midst of the hectic schedule seems overwhelming, remember, that's why Newton Peach Marketing is here!  We will handle all of your marketing needs for you, to make sure your business grows even during the busiest time of year.  Your growth and success is our goal, and we are prepared to do whatever you need to get those new clients and customers! 

We hope you have a wonderful holiday season, filled with the love of family and friends. Don't let business get in the way of making memories. Let us do the hard work for you!