Out With the Old, In With the New: What the Digital Age Means for Marketing

If you speak at length with anyone in the marketing community, you will probably end up in a discussion about the pros and cons of digital marketing, how it's changed the world of branding for clients, and what this new, technological age means for marketing companies and their clients alike.  The topic is most definitely worth discussing, as it pertains to businesses of all types around the world.  So, what exactly does it mean when someone uses the term "digital marketing"? 

Well, in order to understand what sets apart "digital" marketing, you first have to understand the term "traditional marketing".  Traditional marketing refers to all of those things which we typically think of regarding businesses getting their name out into the hands of consumers. This includes printed materials such as business cards, magazine/newspaper ads, flyers, posters, and brochures as well as larger scale advertising like billboards. 

Digital marketing, on the other hand, refers to any type of marketing that uses a digital means of reaching customers.  This includes websites, blogs, social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter, Angies List (and other such online services) and even Craigslist.

So, what are the pros and cons of traditional marketing versus digital?  Well, here are a few things to keep in mind...

Traditional Marketing 


  • Longevity and widely accepted by consumers. 
  • Good for targeting local audiences (although not limited to this).


  • Difficult to measure results.
  • Very static. Tends to "throw material at audience" instead of interacting with current or potential clients. 
  • Typically more costly to produce and maintain.

Digital Marketing


  • Easy to measure and monitor results. 
  • Very interactive. Can easily contact customers and gain valuable feedback.
  • Tends to be less expensive to produce and maintain. 
  • Can reach a wide audience (even worldwide) as well as local. 


  • Measuring success can be a long process. Can't expect immediate results. 
  • Can come across as "impersonal" if not done properly. 

It's unfortunate that the world today is encouraging us to choose between these two options, when in reality using both is the most effective way to get your name in front of consumers. Each type of marketing has its benefits as demonstrated above, and by using a blend of the two you can have optimum success for your business.  For example: having a GREAT website is definitely important, but what good is it unless customers in your area know where to look. Yes, sites such as Angies List and social media outlets are great, but for those who may not frequent online resources (such as those of an older generation), a traditional business card can get our contact information AND your web address in the hands of potential customers. 

Newton Peach Marketing can help you customize options from each type of marketing to make sure we are promoting your Polk County business in the best way possible while staying within your budget.  We work with you as a team.  Your success is our success.  Call us and let us help you reach your goals this summer!