Blogging: Why All the Content?

We often have clients question why we, their marketing team, take over their existing blog or ask to add one to their website.  Blogging doesn't seem all that important to a lot of business fact, it might seem silly or frivolous.  However, blogging actually holds a pretty high spot on the list of marketing priorities in today's internet and social media driven world. 

So why do we place a high value on your blog? 

Increased Opportunity 

The more content you have on the world wide web, the more likely it is that potential customers will see your name.  For example, someone might do an internet search for "best kind of wedding cake for a beach wedding".  A bakery will likely not have that type of content in their static website, but there's a good chance it could have been covered as a blog topic. That blog will then link back to the bakery website, getting their name and information in front of a potential buyer.  If they had no blog, and no current, dynamic content, then they would have lost out on an opportunity.  Long story short: more content = more opportunity to be seen. 

Winsome "Personality"

As great as a website can be, it still can't give potential customers the same insight into the "personality" of your business in the way that a blog can.  Blogs are much more informal platforms that allow for a company to show their own unique traits and styles to potential customers.  Creative and engaging writing on your blog can win customers simply because they enjoy what you post!  If they enjoy reading what you put out purely from an entertainment and/or informational standpoint, they will likely think of you first when a need arises for the service that you offer. 

Staying Current 

Your website is definitely an editable platform, but it benefits you to leave as much content static as possible for SEO (search engine optimization) purposes.  You want it to be updated and modern, but making constant changes to your actual site content is not necessarily best for your business.  However, a blog is a platform meant to be edited as often as you want.  By keeping posts very recent (daily, weekly, or even bi-weekly) you are making your website look current without a lot of work or risk of affecting your SEO that is woven into deepest parts of your website. 

We hope this gives you a better idea of why Newton Peach Marketing is a super fan of blogging and why we encourage our clients to let us invest our time and energy in blogging for them.  So, keep calm and (let us) create more content!