Social Media Marketing...Way More Than Facebook

Social media has taken the world of marketing by storm over the last 10 years, and now it's considered its own branch of marketing.  However, when you mention the term "social media" many clients automatically jump to the conclusion that you're referring to Facebook and/or Twitter.  In fact, there are many other social media outlets that businesses can utilize to get their brand out into the community and in front of potential customers. 


It's not just for moms posting cute pictures of their kids anymore people!  Instagram is a whole world of potential customers just waiting to see your business come across their feed.  While closely tied with Facebook (they are, after all, under the same owner) they are their own unique flavor of social media marketing.  Instagram is photo based, meaning that your words hold less weight than what people are actually seeing.  Instagram gives you a chance to showcase visual advertisement for your business, not just verbiage, and can be a fun and effective addition to your marketing strategy.  Additionally, social media marketing is all about engaging with your customers or potential customers, and Instagram's engagement is, on average, 15 times higher than that of Facebook.  If you want the most "bang for your buck", make sure your Facebook account is linked up with your Instagram account so that each photo you post to Instagram is automatically uploaded to your Facebook feed.  This means you're getting twice the exposure for half the time.  The best part of Instagram is that your customers can be involved with marketing your business!  Encourage them to upload photos of them at your business, using your product, etc.  This not only gives you more (free) exposure, but it also shows that people stand behind what you're offering! 


YouTube is well-known for videos of funny kids, dancing animals, and more.  However, it's also a HUGE platform for businesses and brands.  Having a YouTube channel for your business gives you the opportunity to offer potential clients a whole new view what you offer.  While a photo offers one brief moment for viewers, a video gives clients an in-depth look at what you're offering, as well as the opportunity to see you and your brand or product in action.  Now, YouTube is also tied in with Google+ (more on that platform later) so it is offering a whole new level of engagement with viewers.  YouTube is a great way to offer tutorials, staff introductions, etc. so the public will feel more connected with your business. 


Google Plus is newer on the social media scene than some of the other options mentioned, but it's a powerful tool for businesses.  Google offers all the benefits of Facebook (personal profile, options for photos, etc.) but whereas Facebook has a more personal spin, Google leans more toward business connections.  Since it's owned by Google, businesses who have a Google+ page automatically get priority in Google searches, and you can connect your Google+ page with many of your other social media outlets and your business website. 

We hope this has helped you look beyond the world of Facebook and Twitter (which are both incredibly valuable in addition to the options above!) and see just how much the social media world has to offer your business.  Feel overwhelmed?  No reason to worry!  Newton Peach Marketing offers all of these marketing opportunities.  We can oversee and manage as much or as little of your social media presence as you'd like.  We also offer web design, printed materials, branding (including logo design) and MORE so don't hesitate to give us a call if you're ready to GROW your small business!