5 Marketing Fails That Are Guaranteed to Give You a Laugh

Today (April 1st) is all about laughing and jokes and pranking people.  While some businesses do incorporate humor into their marketing schemes for special days like April Fool's Day, others ended up looking foolish by accident. 

Here are our top 5 favorite marketing fails...

1. Punctuation: It's Important.  Amazing how something as simple as a comma turns a chef into a villain! 

2. Keep Your Target Market in Mind.  Unless you were targeting people inside the van, this probably isn't the best technique.  Businesses, take note: choose a method that fits the customers you want to reach! 

3. Maintenance Sends a Message.  Keep up your business, including the grounds and building. It sends a way bigger message than you realize.  Enough said. 

4. Think It Through.  When running an advertisement, think through the details of the message. Something that looks great might end up confusing your customers.  The Lemonade-lovers out there must have been pretty upset over this one...

5. Take a Second Look.  Don't just throw something out there for the public to see!  Give your work a second look as a whole!  Otherwise, you'll end up looking like this business who is apparently always open...except when they're not.

hile we enjoyed getting a good laugh out of these bloopers (and hope you did too!), we also take the tips mentioned very seriously.  Marketing through advertisement, online presence, signage, and printed materials are all great ways to grow your business, if they are done the right way! 

Newton Peach Marketing makes sure you are represented the RIGHT way, every time.  We are here to help you determine who you want to reach, and the best way to reach them.  When you choose to partner with Newton Peach, we guarantee you will NOT end up looking like the fool! 

Happy April Fool's Day from NPM!