Pick Their Brain: How Analyzing Your Target Audience Can Impact Your Marketing

Here on our blog, we have discussed how important it is for business owners to determine their target audience before ever beginning a marketing strategy.  Making sure you tailor your advertising to a specific category means you are more likely to win over your preferred clients. Did you know, though, that even that targeted audience can be narrowed down to make your marketing techniques more effective? 

For years the terms "left-brained" and "right-brained" have been used to describe people and their personalities.  What do these terms mean?  Well, a left-brained person is often logical, analytical, and prefer realism and straight facts when receiving information about a service, product, or subject.  On the other hand (or rather, other side of the brain), a "right-brained person" is usually creative, expressive, and much more emotionally sensitive.  These folks enjoy advertisements that incorporate unique perspective, and take on a artistic or narrative form. 

When you understand the way these two types of personalities work, it's easy to see how marketing to the wrong crowd could completely stunt your business growth.  Everything from your social media content to the individual pages and design of your website can either engage or ostracize potential clients, depending on their personality type. 

So, how do you bets market to each of these categories?  For your right-brained clients: 

  • incorporate colors, patterns, and pay close attention to artistic design of your marketing materials, online representation, etc. 
  • use storytelling-like content for social media and website content
  • engage emotions and feelings with your marketing techniques

For left-brained thinkers: 

  • keep colors and designs clean and simple
  • use facts and statistics when writing social media and web content 
  • engage thinking and analytics with your marketing techniques

If you are ready to take your marketing to the next level, paying close attention not only to your target audience, but also to their personality type(s), is vital.  Not sure how to go about your marketing strategy, or do you currently have no marketing plan in place?  Newton Peach Marketing is here for you.  We customize a plan for each client, whether they are starting their marketing from scratch, or simply wanting to enhance what they are currently doing.  Newton Peach offers everything from designing your branding materials (logo, business cards, etc.) to managing your online representation through a website, blogging, and/or social media. 

Newton Peach is ready to help you reach potential clients effectively.  Make this summer your most successful yet!