Tweet and Twitter: How That Little Blue Bird Can Grow Your Business


The social media craze over the last decade has revolutionized the way businesses represent themselves.  Newspaper ads, television commercials, and personally handing out flyers at public events (while still relevant) have been overshadowed by Google+, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter. 

Twitter isn't always looked at in the same way by businesses as some of the other social media outlets available.  Unlike Facebook or Google+, you don't set up a "business page", you don't have maps, and store hours and other information are not listed. Rather, Twitter is more of an engaging and networking tool, where people "tweet" (short chats/blurbs) under a chosen username about various topics such as trending news, pop culture, and more.  Hashtags, a commonplace accent in many social media posts across all platforms, got their start in Twitter, where they are used to categorize tweets.  For example, a post about your favorite local Lakeland restaurant could be hash tagged with #Lakeland #eatlocal and it would likely show up alongside other tweets that have mentioned local Polk County dining favorites. 

So, how can Twitter be used for your business growth?

First, it allows you to better connect with people than Facebook or Google+ might.  Since posts are short (140 characters or less) it offers more of a conversation approach to social media.  There are no long responses required (or even allowed), but you can post links to additional information if needed, such as in the case of answering a business question. 

Secondly, Twitter allows you to link your account to various categories (example: a local antique boutique here in Polk County might list themselves under shopping, Central Florida, Lakeland, Winter Haven, antiques, local business, etc.).  These categories mean that your business will be most likely to show up in searches done by relevant clients, instead of randomly being thrown out to the masses, or requiring that someone individually search for your business name. 

Finally, you can follow specific Twitter users, meaning that you build much-needed and beneficial networking connections, but you also have access to trending local topics, and can re-Tweet them to have your name show up in a variety of places.  This not only keeps you current and helps you offer valid and interesting information to your own followers, but it also helps increase your online presence.  The more people that see your name can mean you end up with an increased number of followers.  Ultimately, this can prove to be incredibly helpful with business growth. 

If you think that Twitter might be a worthwhile time investment for your business, go for it!  If you worry that it will be too time-consuming, or you aren't terribly comfortable using social media platforms, give us a call.  Newton Peach Marketing will set up social media profiles for businesses, and then we manage them daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, as dictated by the individual client.  We work closely alongside our customers to make sure their content is personalized, engaging, and ultimately beneficial to their business popularity and growth. 

Let the little blue bird become part of your business.  Newton Peach Marketing can help you "tweet" your way to success!