High Quality Content in Your Marketing Strategy: Why It Matters

Marketing, in today's business world, covers a wide variety of tasks.  Face-to-face interactions and representation at events/expos, consumable materials (flyers, business cards, etc.), and even radio or television advertisement are all viable forms of marketing your small business, but in the last decade, online marketing has taken the world by storm. 

Online marketing is essentially any form of representing your business through a digital format. Social media platforms (like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or LinkedIn) and blogging are two primary forms of digital marketing, but your website also plays a huge role in bringing potential clients or customers your way.  When it comes to online marketing though, things can get complicated.  The frequency of posting and time of day which you post are definitely factors in making sure you get plenty of visibility, but, the most important part of digital marketing is your content.  The majority of this type of content comes through writing, and that is primary done through your blog.

High-quality content is what will attract potential customers and keep them coming back for more.  Quality content needs to be relevant to the target audience you wish to reach, it needs to be customized for your business, and it needs to reach out to not only potential clients, but also to those who are already customers.  Like we've mentioned here on the blog before, retention marketing is a significant part of a successful business.  Essentially, content marketing is giving something to people without asking them to purchase anything, or commit to you, first.  You are offering information, tips, advice, etc. for FREE.  This makes readers feel as if you understand them and their needs, and you value them without them being obligated to buy from you or utilize your services.  Building these types of relationships with readers will make them much more receptive to your business and what you offer. 

So, where's the proof that quality content actually matters in your marketing strategy? 

Check out this statistic...

"61% of buying decisions made my consumers are influenced by custom content by the seller." (source HERE).

It's no secret among marketing companies that quality, customized content generates more leads for clients than video and visual content combined.  Being able to offer your current customers, and the audience of potential buyers, information that applies to them and helps them better understand what you offer and how it could help them, means that you are essentially doubling your chances at getting their business! 

Do you find it overwhelming to offer frequent, customized content to your customer base or to the general public?  Are you holding back from having an online platform at all?  You could be losing business DAILY if you aren't tapping into a quality-content marketing strategy.  We can help.  Newton Peach Marketing can provide you with quality content for your existing blog platform, or we can start a blog platform for you from scratch and have it placed into your existing website.  We will write and post for you on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis, baed upon what you need.  The options are endless, and we can customize a plan that will give YOU optimum success. 

Don't miss out on customers looking for what you have to offer.  Give us a call and let us help you offer valued online content to grow your business!