Newton Peach Networking: We Are Part of BNI!

Newton Peach Marketing stands firm on the idea that networking is one of the best ways to not only grow your business, but also grow your brand and reputation in the community around you.  Coming alongside other local businesses is important to us, and recently, we were thrilled to finally have the opportunity to join the Winter Haven chapter of BNI. 

BNI is an international business networking and referral program, in which members join and are then connected with a multitude of other business owners in various fields.  With chapters throughout the world, BNI is a great way to increase your business and build relationships with business owners just like you.  These contacts become invaluable to you, since you are their "go-to" referral when they hear of a need for your services come up.  For example, if you own a pool company and are part of a local BHI chapter, and another BNI member (let's say, a lawn business) hears one of their clients mentioning the need for a pool service, YOU are the first business they recommend to this customer.  Essentially, when you are part of BNI, you have an entire team of people advertising for your business on your behalf. 

We are excited for this new endeavor at Newton Peach Marketing, and we look forward to teaming up with other businesses here in the Polk County area to keep the local economy strong.  Thank you to the local chapter of BNI for bringing NPM on board! 

Want to learn more about BNI or find a chapter in your own area? Check out their site HERE