New Year, New Plan: Grow Your Business and Expand Your Horizons in 2017

With the coming of a New Year, many business owners take time to look over their existing company plan and reevaluate their budget and spending, their staff, their inventory, etc. However, one area that might not get the attention it deserves is the marketing strategy for their business.  Oftentimes, these owners choose to either market themselves, or their hire an in-house marketing staff member/team.  Neither of these options is ideal. DIY marketing is not only (typically) ineffective, it's also time-consuming and overwhelming to take on advertisement and branding for your company when you are also responsible for overseeing day-to-day operations.  On the other hand, hiring a full-time marketing employee/team is costly, since it requires paying an additional full-time salary and benefits, in addition to the cost of marketing materials and related funding. 

So, what is a business owner left to do? 

This is where a third-party marketing business comes in.  Outsourcing your company's marketing is not only cost effective but also better for your business in the long run for the majority of cases.  Benefits of hiring an outside marketing business include: 

  • Time savings.  You don't have to take the time to oversee your business's marketing yourself, nor do you have to oversee an employee or staff member hired on to do the marketing. Instead, you simply make your wishes known to your chosen outsourced individual or team, and they take it from there by utilizing your desires and blending them with their knowledge of the marketing field to get optimal results for your business. 
  • Money Savings.  Instead of paying salary(ies), covering benefits packages, and providing the financial backing for all marketing endeavors and materials, outsourcing your marketing is as simple as paying a monthly fee to your chosen company (covering the cost of their services), and then letting them know what your monthly and/or annual marketing budget is.  This allows them to pick and choose where to spend those funds to maximize your visibility to potential clients and customers, and you'll receive the bill for money spent on those things.  Since they have clear boundaries of how much to spend, you won't have to worry about accidentally overextending your budget on marketing. 
  • More effective.  Outsourcing your marketing is oftentimes more effective since you have creative minds working for your business from the outside.  Unlike in-house marketing employees, who are required to focus on the same business daily, outsourced companies have multiple clients.  This means they are current on trending marketing strategies and techniques that, while not specifically for your business type, could still apply to you and your own growth. By employing a marketing service that has their hands on a variety of clients in many fields, you know you are getting a creative, diverse marketing plan that will give you the biggest "bang for your buck". 

If you are local to the Polk County area here in Central Florida, Newton Peach Marketing is here to handle your business's marketing needs.  We handle social media, blogging, website creation and maintenance, graphic design, and more.  We customize a marketing plan for each individual client, so you know that your service is tailored specifically to you and your needs. 

Make 2017 the year for growth, and let NPM partner with your business!