Reflecting with Grateful Hearts: Thanksgiving with Newton Peach Marketing


Thanksgiving is almost here, and we hope all of you, our Newton Peach customers and friends, are enjoying a time of rest and recuperation during your week or few days off of workl. Those of all backgrounds and cultures can agree that Thanksgiving gives us ALL something to celebrate, since it's the time of year when we recognize the many blessings we have been given here in our country, and reflect on having grateful hearts for those blessings. It's also a time to reflect on the historical significance of the holiday, and how it can impact our thoughts and experiences today in modern-day America. 

Thanksgiving was, in essence, a day when people who had been through a terrible, difficult time were blessed with friends, provisions, and a time of respite from hardship. When European settlers first came to this country, they were met with disease, harsh weather, and absolutely no idea how to survive in this new land. While it was not always a smooth transition, and there were much wrongdoing over the course of our country's development, the initial interaction with Native Americans following that first winter, specifically the connection made with one particular Native American man named Squanto and his people, was a turning point for the settlers, and we can honestly credit their survival to these Native Americans who were willing to put their differences aside and help their fellow man. When they celebrated their first "Thanksgiving" after their harvest, the settlers truly did have much to reflect on and be grateful for. 

While today we don't necessarily face the risk of starvation, freezing weather and lack of shelter (especially here in Florida!), or waves of disease, we do face the age-old choice each day of working alongside our fellow man and making this world an inclusive, peaceful place in which we can all live and thrive together. In days when it seems that disagreements and varying perspectives are commonplace, we have the choice to put those aside and celebrate this country each and every day, where we are ALL allowed to live, worship, and love freely. Thanksgiving is a time when we can reflect on our multiple blessings, and realize that regardless of detailed differences in philosophy, religion, or cultural background, we are all Americans and we all have much to be thankful for this holiday season. 

Happy Thanksgiving from Newton Peach!