Slow...or Grow? Tips for Continuing to Expand Your Business During The Holidays


The Christmas season is a time of joy and excitement for many, but for business owners, it can also be a time of anxiety. While retail chains and restaurants usually continue to grow and don't feel the effects of the holiday season, other companies feel a strain at this time of year as people tighten up on spending to save for Christmas gifts, expenses in the New Year, etc., or simply don't need as many goods and/or services due to the business of this time of year. While there's no way to completely get rid of the ebb and flow that comes along with owning a business, there are ways you can decrease the impact it has on you from year to year, and prepare to combat slow business during the holidays.


First, Christmas gives you an opportunity to stand out! Something as simple as decking the halls of your business with festive lights and decor can draw eyes to your building that might not otherwise look your way. Many towns have competitions for best decorations, or offer the opportunity to participate in city events involving your lights and decorations. By making your work space merry and bright, you will better connect with potential clients and customers since they'll know you have a hefty dose of Christmas spirit. 

Another way to get out there and grow is by getting involved in the community around you. Here in Winter Haven, the Havendale Christmas parade is a fun, annual way for business owners to get their name out there in front of a huge audience, without having to put in a lot of effort or money. You can opt for a simple sign and some lights on your vehicle, or go all out with a full parade float and display, but whatever you choose, it's a great way to spread cheer AND your brand all at the same time. Additional ideas for community involvement are holiday expos and markets where you can set up a booth and offer Christmas goodies along with your business materials, Christmas performances that give the opportunity for sponsorship (and therefore having your name in programs and on marketing materials), or even volunteering with local humanitarian efforts. Here in Polk County, Parker Street Ministires, the Mission of Winter Haven, Boys and Girls club, and many more organizations would welcome your help, and you're given the opportunity to get to know a whole new group of people in the community. 

Finally, giving back is a wonderful way to not only participate in the spirit of Christmas, but also bring awareness to your business and brand. Hosting giveaways, donating goods and/or services to local charities, sponsorship opportunities, and even financial donations in the name of your company will make people stand up and take notice. By giving back into the community and "paying it forward', you show potential customers and clients that you actually care about your friends and neighbors in the local area, and that not only grows your business, but also builds brand loyalty. 

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Merry Christmas from NPM!