So You're Starting A Business?: What NOT to Do

If the time has come for you to launch a new business that you have dreamed about, planned for, and worked hard to bring to life, we know you're excited about the possibilities and potential on the horizon.  We also know that starting a new business means starting lots of other things, like a website, a social media platform, and even hiring on employees to help you with management, office work, or manual labor.  Newton Peach Marketing focuses on the success of our clients, and our desire is to see ALL small business owners achieve success with their ventures.  Unfortunately there are a few key mistakes that are trending among many startup business owners, and we'd like to see you avoid them if possible.  So, here's what you shouldn't  do when you're making your dream a reality...

  • DON'T use personal email addresses, even your own, to build your online platform.  All online accounts, from your website to your Facebook page, require an email address, and if you start using personal addresses to build these profiles, it becomes easy to lose track of the login info you need for each account.  Additionally, if someone else eventually takes over managing those accounts, whether it be a marketing agency like us here at Newton Peach, or an individual staff member in your office, you'll be forced to give them your personal email login to let them monitor and utilize the various social media outlets. 
  • DO create a singular, business-only email (even a free one through a program such as Gmail works) that is ONLY used for social media and online presence for your business.  This way, you know exactly what the login info is for each of your online accounts, and you know that all notifications and needed correspondence about these accounts will come to one inbox. 
  • DON'T lose track of your login info (usernames, emails, passwords).  Forgetting passwords, failing to stay on top of which username/email goes with which account, etc. are all huge issues when it comes to marketing your business in the long term.
  • DO take the time to figure out the username/password combos for each of your social media accounts, and compile them into a list that you can store in your office or your work file.  This is an invaluable resource, especially if you bring someone on to help manage social media and online presence for your business. 
  • DON'T give out your account info to just anyone.  Additionally, don't lose track of who you have placed in various roles in regards to your online marketing.  If you have 7 different people, from your brother to your office manager, with access to your business Facebook page admin rights, it becomes easy for something to get messed up, or for issues to arise over time with passwords getting lost/changed, security being compromised, etc. 
  • DO keep a handle on who plays which role in your online marketing.  If possible, limit each account to 3 people MAX with admin rights on the page/account.  If those roles change, be sure to reflect that ASAP in your account.  Don't let an employee from 3 years ago still have the capability to log into your business account after being fired.

If you are ready to make your dream a reality and kick off your own business, Newton Peach Marketing is here for you!  Our goal is to meet YOUR goals, and we can do that with a customized marketing plan that reflects your own specific needs.  Give us a call to get started, or contact us for more info!