Luck of The Peach: How NPM Can Grow Your Business

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!  Newton Peach Marketing is seeing green today, and we want your business to see green too, by increasing your cash flow!  Growing your business takes more than a bit of luck though, and it's hard to do on your own. Hiring a marketing consultant guarantees that your name and brand will be well represented while allowing you to focus on the daily operation of your business.  Newton Peach Marketing is one of Central Florida's trusted marketing agencies and we serve clients of all sizes throughout the Polk County area. 

How do we help our clients' business grow? 

Social media.  Social media marketing is the “trend”, and it's incredibly effective if you know how to use it.  Creative and custom content, interaction with followers and friends, and promotions using social media platforms are all key elements in developing a presence online and connecting with consumers.  NPM can take on as many or as few of your social media accounts as you want, and update them daily, periodically through the week, or even just once a month.  Everything is customized to YOU. 

Online advertisement.  From boosting your Facebook posts to creating ads to place in online advertising communities, we handle your digital advertisement from start to finish.  We work alongside you until your ad is exactly what you want, and then we do the hard work of putting it out where YOUR potential customers and clients will see it. 

Blogging.  SEO (Search Engine Optimization) seems complicated, and in many ways, it is. However, what isn't complicated is tying your marketing efforts into your SEO plan to make sure maximum numbers of eyes are on your business and your content.  Newton Peach Marketing blogs for you on a schedule you decide, and we customize your posts to your business, industry, local events, etc.  By tying in key words that are not only unique to your brand and name, but also to the area in which you are located, and to the industry in which you work, your blog can generate traffic toward your website and that means an increase in business. 

If you're ready to grow your business this year, don't think the luck of a shamrock...think peach! Newton Peach Marketing is ready to partner with you to grow your client base in the coming year, and increase your cash flow so you will be seeing green every day.