Preparing Your Student for Success, from College to Career

School is wrapping up here in Polk County, but for families with high school seniors, the craziness of having a rising college freshman is just beginning.  After the graduation parties and senior nights have come to a close, it’s time to think about extra-long sheets for those dorm-room beds, how many ways you can make Ramen, and just how you plan on making sure your student is covered while they are away at school.  Also graduating here in Lakeland are students from our various colleges and universities, who are preparing to launch their careers and head out into the world.  Much like the incoming freshman, they too need to double check if they are covered in the event of unexpected curveballs, and if that coverage is adequate for their upcoming situation.

Health coverage is usually the first topic that comes up when discussing college students and insurance.  If your (minor) student is currently on your health plan, nothing should, in theory, change about that setup.  He or she will simply take their insurance card along with them, and they should be able to continue with the same coverage.  However, if your child is heading out of the area for school, you will need to do some research about doctors that are in/out of your network, and how that affects your coverage and required payment.  You will also need to find out if the school has any specific coverage requirements.  Don’t currently have coverage on your college student?  Most schools require at least a minimum amount of health insurance, and offer affordable plans through the school, so you might want to check into those options as well.  Adult students, meaning those independent from their parents, should price compare between private policies and those provided through the school before making a final decision.

Auto insurance is another common bullet point on the college checklist.  Again, if your student already has his or her own vehicle, and currently carries coverage, nothing should change about this policy when they head to the dorms.  They will need to double check details of the policy like if roadside assistance is covered for those unexpected flat tires or locking their keys inside, and they need to know who to call for towing in the case of a breakdown.  Adult graduates should plan to compare multiple policies with varying premiums and deductibles, since this is the best way to find a deal that both provides for your needs and fits your current budget.

Finally, some parents choose to take out a renter’s policy for their young college student’s belongings, especially if they are living in an off-campus apartment or house.  These policies offer compensation for items lost in natural disasters or fire due to theft.  Even if your student will be in the dorms, it’s worth looking at their list of possessions and determining if any items need some extra coverage taken out in the event that they are lost, damaged, or stolen.  Laptops, fine jewelry, televisions, etc. could be items that are at risk. Graduates of all ages and from all types of situations should evaluate their own need for this type of coverage, and do their best to fit it into their budget if possible.  The cost of replacing one’s entire life’s collection of belongings is overwhelming at best, and can be easily avoided by simply signing up for an inexpensive renter’s policy.

Insurance isn’t the only coverage needed by college students.  Support from you, whether it be financial, emotional, or both, is equally important to many of them, and we understand that you need to be there. If growing your business is taking valuable time away from your family, Newton Peach Marketing is here to step in and help. We take care of making sure your business is seen by potential clients and customers, and bringing those customers to YOU. All that's left for you to do is enjoy the success of a growing company. Don't spend your valuable time during these fleeting years chasing down opportunities. Let Newton Peach Marketing help you make your business a success, so you can stand beside the ones you love!