What Are You Doing to Grow Your Business: 5 Best Resources and How to Make Them Work for You


Marketing, as a term, sounds scary to many business owners. Visions of old fashioned door-to-door advertising and handing out flyers, standing in front of cameras for awkward (and expensive!) tv commercials or paying abhorrent amounts of money for radio ads can be enough to make any business owner turn around and run the other direction. Those marketing trends are a thing of the past though, and in the modern marketing and advertisement world, the ultimate goal is to grow your business effectively and efficiently, with the least amount of overhead and effort on your part. Fortunately, there are many resources available to you that make this easy! 

The top 5 resources for small business owners (in our humble opinion) are...

Social Media Whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even Pinterest, social media is perhaps the easiest and best way to reach an audience of any kind in modern society. Even social media has a little "science" behind it though, in that you have to know what, how, and when to post to get the maximum benefits for growth and profit. For example, eye-catching images that compliment your content on Facebook are a must regardless of your business type, since text-only posts tend to get easily overlooked as people scroll through their feeds. Some social media platforms are almost solely image based (Instagram) while others are more text based (Twitter) and knowing the difference, as well as how to best reach your target audience and potential customers is important. 

Blogging Blogging is a great way to offer valuable content to your client base with little to no overhead cost to you. Most blogging platforms are free, and many can easily be linked up with your existing website making for a seamless transition and easy access. A blog can be used for keeping your audience up-to-date on what is happening at your business, giving your readers insight into trends, or even giving advice like how-to's or cost breakdowns, but whatever the content, using tag words, and keeping the content relevant to your business is the best way to make sure you get the biggest benefit. 

Business Cards This simple gesture is perhaps one of the most overlooked marketing methods today. A business card is your "fingerprint" in a way. It's a great way to spread your name and brand all over your region, and leave each person who receives one with a little slice of what you have to offer as a business. Your logo, your contact information and web address, a bit about you, your service area, and even your social media icons can all be wrapped up in one 3x5 little package that can easily be handed to passerby, your waitress at a local restaurant, friends, family, and even on counters around town. They are inexpensive to create, and if designed the right way, are a great way to pack a punch without a lot of effort on your part. 

Business Networking If you can carry on a conversation, you can business network. With opportunities like local chambers of commerce, business networking groups in a variety of cities, online networking options, and small social-based networking groups, finding a way to connect with other business owners has never been easier. The benefits of making this effort are far-reaching, as you not only gain valuable friends in the community, but you also gain a whole web of networking opportunities for people to hear about your business and be referred to you by your business contacts. 

Email campaigns (digital newsletters) While not the most effective option for every business, most businesses can benefit from having an email newsletter at least a few times a year. For restaurants, stores, and businesses that offer sales of any kind, having a monthly or bi-monthly newsletter with a simple blast to say hello and offer a coupon or discount is a great way to draw people in and keep them coming back. Everyone loves something free! Other businesses can benefit from sending out newsletters with valuable information and tips, or announcements about the operation of your business (holiday hours and schedule for example). Again, this is an inexpensive way to connect with your audience and maintain your customer base. 

We hope this empowers you to think about your marketing with fresh eyes. Perhaps the best way to grow your business the fastest and the most efficiently is by hiring out your marketing needs to a third-party expert. Business owners in and around the Winter Haven area trust Newton Peach Marketing because we offer premium services at competitive prices. We customize a marketing strategy for each individual customer, and make sure they feel included and knowledgeable about how their brand is being built and presented to the community. From graphic design services that give you the perfect business card or printed advertisement, to social media campaigns and website upgrades, we do it ALL. Your goals for business growth are OUR goals. We're ready to help you make them happen!