Finding The Right Font: Why Does It Matter?


Growing your business requires making countless decisions, like interviewing and selecting employees, choosing your bookkeeping method, hours for your office, etc. Even advertising your business requires formulating a budget, investing in various outlets and outreach opportunities (like local publications, social media, radio/television ads, and more), and narrowing down which options work best as you see the results come in. However, one choice you might not put a lot of thought into is...font. 

Yep, font. The very formation of the letters, that make the words, that make up the advertisements, posts, blogs, websites, emails, and every other digital form of written communication that is responsible for representing your brand to the public is often underestimated when making decisions for your business...but maybe you should give it a little more consideration before you hit that "Publish" or "Send" button. Fonts can completely change the way a message is perceived and can take an ad from eye-catching to an eyesore. So, what criteria should you look for when choosing a font? 

  • Consider the type of project. A business email to a potential client vs. a fun advertisement about an upcoming community festival you'll be attending require TOTALLY different font styles. Anyone who has ever received an important professional email in Comic Sans will understand that the type of font you choose can change the way someone sees you as a business owner and will give your brand an unprofessional air on the end of the reader. It's key to understand which types of font are best for the work at hand. Save the fun, bold fonts for events or informal publications, and stick to the classics for the important business. 
  • Consider the reader. Different readers will need different font styles. Sending out a newsletter to a retirement community? You'll probably opt for a basic font with slightly larger-than-average sizing for easy reading. A fun grand opening ad for a hip, new club in your area on the there hand would opt for a bold, exciting font, likely with pops of color, to stand out to their younger clientele as they scroll through social media or flip through a local magazine. Knowing your target audience will help you pick a font that is sure to draw readers in instead of making them look the other way. 
  • Remember that publications/written text have feelings too. What we mean is, every piece of written work or graphic design has a tone/feel to it that is meant to convey a message. An exciting local event, a sad tribute to a lost employee or business connection, a serious article/post regarding a company topic, etc. all have different "vibes" that need to be reflected by the font. For example, you wouldn't typically use a bright pink, curly, cursive font for an email to employees about a company policy. In the same way, using a bland, serious font for a fun office party is not the way to get people excited. You need to think about the desired tone of your piece and use that to help you choose a font that reflects the same. 
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