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The Package Deal: Social Media Management vs. Posting Alone

Social media is one of the, if not the, top means of advertising your business in today's technology-driven world. Because of this, marketing consultants and firms often advertise social media as one of their services, and when you outsource your marketing to these providers, they typically guarantee X number of posts per week/month on your selected social media platforms. While posting in and of itself is important when building your brand online, it doesn't completely cover your bases in the world of social media. That's why Newton Peach Marketing offers full social media management

What's the difference? 

Well, picture your business's social media presence like a retail shop. While it's important that each department run well, if you only focus on one department and ignore the rest, the store just won't work. The same is true of your social media platforms. Posting alone is only one portion of keeping your platforms running. Engaging with followers and commenters, keeping up with messages within each platform and responding in turn, overseeing job postings and applications (if applicable), making sure contact information is kept up to date and current across all platforms, and routinely maintaining visual appeal are all key parts in making sure your social media profiles are representing your business in the best way possible. Newton Peach offers all of this and more. Instead of simply posting for you on a schedule, we place ourselves in your shoes and operate the social platforms on your behalf. This includes engaging your customers and followers in the messages and comments section, changing out content and artwork (profile pictures, cover photos, etc.) with seasonally appropriate options or content of your choosing, routinely updating contact information, and so forth. 

When it comes to the posting itself, we are proud to customize content for each of our clients, including fun designs, a variety of both informative and entertaining verbiage, and linking over important items from your own website and/or blog to improve traffic between your various points of contact online. When you trust Newton Peach Marketing with your social media you are getting the package deal, and can rest assured knowing your business is in good hands. 

Give us a call for a free quote and find out how we can help you grow your business and build your brand! 

Show Your Favorite Businesses Just How Much You LOVE Them This Valentine's Day


Valentine's Day is all about showing those around you how much you care. Giving gifts, acts of service, or a simple "I love you" to remind someone that they are important to you are all ways we share the love around this holiday. Have you thought about showing your favorite local businesses just how much you appreciate them, and care about their success in the community though? They might not be your first thought when Valentine's Day rolls around, but there are many ways you can show them some love and help boost their presence in the community not just on holidays, and EVERY day. 


Give them positive reviews. It's easy (and common) to leave a negative review. When we receive goods or services that are less than satisfactory, we want a sense of justice, and often, leaving a scathing review makes us feel somehow validated in our displeasure...and we totally understand that! After all, that's what reviews are for, right? They are the modern day "comments box" for businesses, and they give other potential customers insight into what they can expect from a particular business or brand. How often do you leave a positive review though? Taking those extra few minutes of your time to leave a review letting a business owner know how much you were impressed by their product, their service, or even their staff is a great way to show them some love, and send other customers their way. 

Make them your first choice. How often do we say we like a local business, but the first time a shopping need comes up, whether for a gift, a home service, or simply something for your home, you jet off to the big box store down the street simply because it's convenient? Taking the extra time and effort to utilize local small businesses as your first shopping choice not only makes them feel loved, but makes them successful, and that benefits everyone in the community. Cities where businesses are growing and thriving have better economies, and higher employment rates. What's not to LOVE about that? 

Refer your friends. Word of mouth is a key way to grow small, local businesses, and any marketing expert will tell businesses owners how vital it is to get people talking about their brand and name within the community. A business card, a social media post, or even a booth at a downtown fair or market are definitely key points in growing a business and brand, but even those who visit the booth, see the Facebook ad, or receive a business card might not follow through and become a patron unless a friend or family member can personally attest to the quality of the goods or services offered. That's where YOU come in. If you love a local business, tell people about it! Share their posts on Facebook and throw in a personal reference for your contacts. Did someone comment on that great piece of jewelry you're wearing from a local boutique, or ask you how you've landscaped your yard so beautifully for the upcoming spring season? It's ok to name drop! Spreading the names of small businesses will help them immensely, and will ensure that your treasured goods and services that they offer will be around for years to come. 

Newton Peach Marketing is committed to making sure our local businesses in and around the Winter Haven area thrive and grow. By customizing plans for each individual client we ensure quality services at a price they can afford. When you put your business growth in our hands, you are given the freedom to pay only for what you need, and nothing more, unlike pre-determined packages with larger marketing firms. That means you're left with more money to invest back into your business, allowing you to continue to expand...and nothing makes us happier than seeing you succeed. Interested in what we can do for you? There's a simple two step process: give us a call, and tell us how you want to grow in 2019. We do the rest! 

Ready, Set, Take-Off: Boosting Your Business (and Staff!) in 2018


Now that Christmas and New Years is behind us, we are all looking at the rest of 2018 on the horizon and gearing up for everything it brings with it. Preparing for the coming months has many people making resolutions about health, finances, personal growth, or even items to check off of their bucket list, but for business owners, ringing in a new year involves other types of preparation as well. When you are the head of a business, regardless of the size, you know that the upcoming year means not only managing yourself, but also a team of employees, and all of the personal and financial efforts that come along with them. However, it's key to remember that your staff is worth that effort, because they are the heart and soul of your company! 

There are many ways you can give your staff a much needed (and likely appreciated) motivation this coming year, to ensure they are happy, efficient, and ready to help you continue to be successful and grow throughout 2018 and beyond. Ideas to consider include: 

  • A facelift! Giving your office space a facelift can be a huge morale boost for you and for your employees. Whether it's sprucing up the bathrooms, adding a new break area, or giving your employees better desk and seating options, making the area where you must work each day more inviting is a great way to kick off a new year.
  • New Incentives. Everyone loves incentives, from small children receiving stickers for their efforts, to adults working hard for their next work bonus. There are many types of incentives you could use to keep your staff energized and excited about their daily work. Perhaps you could offer a special staff lunch for quotas being met on time, or give an employee a day off for reaching a certain number of sales/calls/etc. for a particular time period. Whatever you choose as the motivation, your staff will be sure to perk up and work harder if they have some type of reward to look forward to. 
  • Make your staff feel appreciated. Holidays aren't the only time you should recognize your staff as people outside of the work they do each day. Hosting periodic business breakfasts, taking your employees out for dinner, or simply picking up a surprise box of donuts for the break room are all ways you can remind you staff that they are noticed and appreciated. 
  • Motivational training. Consider having your entire office (YOU included!) take some kind of motivational training. Learning together about topics such as teamwork can offer tools for making your business stronger from the ground up. 

We hope these ideas help spark a plan for your business this coming year. We know your goal is to grow and thrive, and that's our goal for you too. Newton Peach Marketing makes it easier by doing the hard work of getting your business in front of the people who need it, and growing your customer base for you. That lets you focus on the important things, like managing your business and taking care of your staff. 

Give us a call to let us set up a custom marketing plan for you in 2018, from social media optimization to designing your new business cards. We've got you covered! 

Hooked on Facebook: Why Personal Social Media Engagement At Work Is A No-No

In today's technology-rich era, social media has taken over both personal and business use of the internet.  Companies use social media platforms to further their exposure to their target audience, engage their customers and clients, and advertise for new business.  On a personal level, social media connects people from all over the world, and offers value in staying active with contacts from both your past and your present, in addition to offering news, entertainment, etc.  Social media, primarily Facebook, are definitely one of the most common sights to see on people's phones, computers, and tablets. 

Unfortunately though, this overexposure to these social media platforms has turned into a near addiction, and that is affecting businesses and productivity more than you'd expect.  Surveys show that almost 70% of employees list logging into Facebook as the first thing they do when they arrive at their desk or work station each day.  This doesn't even account for the use of smartphones and tables to log into personal social media.  Why is Facebook at work such a bad thing? 

In and of itself, occasionally checking in during a free moment at work wouldn't be negative (unless, of course, it directly disobeys company policy).  An occasional check-in isn't the norm though.  Most Facebook users can spend anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour browsing their "newsfeed" for updates from friends and family, trending videos and content, and the most current news.  Over the course of a work week, this adds up to a LOT of time wasted, which means your productivity levels drop significantly. 

Not only are you less efficient when you use Facebook throughout a work day, but you are likely in a worse mood.  Oftentimes, Facebook can be mentally distracting, and can even put you out of sorts if you happen to catch sight of an update or piece of information that bothers you.  A poor mood means you are more likely to struggle with completing tasks, and again, this doesn't look good to a boss who is monitoring hours and output. 

Finally, you might want to second-guess picking up your smartphone and logging into Facebook for security and privacy reasons.  Not only could your information be at risk depending on the security of your workplace's network, but you also stand the risk of exposing information to other coworkers or even your superiors if they catch you on social media and you didn't realize it.  One photo, or less-than-professional post, could be very costly in not only your current job, but your career as a whole. 

Overall, it's best to leave the personal social media at home, and spend your work days focusing on WORK.  An occasional check-in over your lunch break is no big deal, but be sure that you are using company time for company purposes.  Dedication to your job will stand out to your boss and that will benefit you in the long run.  

For us here at Newton Peach Marketing, social media IS our job. We can handle all of your business profiles on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. We make sure you are putting out quality, unique content that helps target your desired audience. 

Leave the Facebook to us, so you can focus on work! 

Newton Peach Networking: We Are Part of BNI!

Newton Peach Marketing stands firm on the idea that networking is one of the best ways to not only grow your business, but also grow your brand and reputation in the community around you.  Coming alongside other local businesses is important to us, and recently, we were thrilled to finally have the opportunity to join the Winter Haven chapter of BNI. 

BNI is an international business networking and referral program, in which members join and are then connected with a multitude of other business owners in various fields.  With chapters throughout the world, BNI is a great way to increase your business and build relationships with business owners just like you.  These contacts become invaluable to you, since you are their "go-to" referral when they hear of a need for your services come up.  For example, if you own a pool company and are part of a local BHI chapter, and another BNI member (let's say, a lawn business) hears one of their clients mentioning the need for a pool service, YOU are the first business they recommend to this customer.  Essentially, when you are part of BNI, you have an entire team of people advertising for your business on your behalf. 

We are excited for this new endeavor at Newton Peach Marketing, and we look forward to teaming up with other businesses here in the Polk County area to keep the local economy strong.  Thank you to the local chapter of BNI for bringing NPM on board! 

Want to learn more about BNI or find a chapter in your own area? Check out their site HERE

High Quality Content in Your Marketing Strategy: Why It Matters

Marketing, in today's business world, covers a wide variety of tasks.  Face-to-face interactions and representation at events/expos, consumable materials (flyers, business cards, etc.), and even radio or television advertisement are all viable forms of marketing your small business, but in the last decade, online marketing has taken the world by storm. 

Online marketing is essentially any form of representing your business through a digital format. Social media platforms (like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or LinkedIn) and blogging are two primary forms of digital marketing, but your website also plays a huge role in bringing potential clients or customers your way.  When it comes to online marketing though, things can get complicated.  The frequency of posting and time of day which you post are definitely factors in making sure you get plenty of visibility, but, the most important part of digital marketing is your content.  The majority of this type of content comes through writing, and that is primary done through your blog.

High-quality content is what will attract potential customers and keep them coming back for more.  Quality content needs to be relevant to the target audience you wish to reach, it needs to be customized for your business, and it needs to reach out to not only potential clients, but also to those who are already customers.  Like we've mentioned here on the blog before, retention marketing is a significant part of a successful business.  Essentially, content marketing is giving something to people without asking them to purchase anything, or commit to you, first.  You are offering information, tips, advice, etc. for FREE.  This makes readers feel as if you understand them and their needs, and you value them without them being obligated to buy from you or utilize your services.  Building these types of relationships with readers will make them much more receptive to your business and what you offer. 

So, where's the proof that quality content actually matters in your marketing strategy? 

Check out this statistic...

"61% of buying decisions made my consumers are influenced by custom content by the seller." (source HERE).

It's no secret among marketing companies that quality, customized content generates more leads for clients than video and visual content combined.  Being able to offer your current customers, and the audience of potential buyers, information that applies to them and helps them better understand what you offer and how it could help them, means that you are essentially doubling your chances at getting their business! 

Do you find it overwhelming to offer frequent, customized content to your customer base or to the general public?  Are you holding back from having an online platform at all?  You could be losing business DAILY if you aren't tapping into a quality-content marketing strategy.  We can help.  Newton Peach Marketing can provide you with quality content for your existing blog platform, or we can start a blog platform for you from scratch and have it placed into your existing website.  We will write and post for you on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis, baed upon what you need.  The options are endless, and we can customize a plan that will give YOU optimum success. 

Don't miss out on customers looking for what you have to offer.  Give us a call and let us help you offer valued online content to grow your business! 

Tweet and Twitter: How That Little Blue Bird Can Grow Your Business


The social media craze over the last decade has revolutionized the way businesses represent themselves.  Newspaper ads, television commercials, and personally handing out flyers at public events (while still relevant) have been overshadowed by Google+, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter. 

Twitter isn't always looked at in the same way by businesses as some of the other social media outlets available.  Unlike Facebook or Google+, you don't set up a "business page", you don't have maps, and store hours and other information are not listed. Rather, Twitter is more of an engaging and networking tool, where people "tweet" (short chats/blurbs) under a chosen username about various topics such as trending news, pop culture, and more.  Hashtags, a commonplace accent in many social media posts across all platforms, got their start in Twitter, where they are used to categorize tweets.  For example, a post about your favorite local Lakeland restaurant could be hash tagged with #Lakeland #eatlocal and it would likely show up alongside other tweets that have mentioned local Polk County dining favorites. 

So, how can Twitter be used for your business growth?

First, it allows you to better connect with people than Facebook or Google+ might.  Since posts are short (140 characters or less) it offers more of a conversation approach to social media.  There are no long responses required (or even allowed), but you can post links to additional information if needed, such as in the case of answering a business question. 

Secondly, Twitter allows you to link your account to various categories (example: a local antique boutique here in Polk County might list themselves under shopping, Central Florida, Lakeland, Winter Haven, antiques, local business, etc.).  These categories mean that your business will be most likely to show up in searches done by relevant clients, instead of randomly being thrown out to the masses, or requiring that someone individually search for your business name. 

Finally, you can follow specific Twitter users, meaning that you build much-needed and beneficial networking connections, but you also have access to trending local topics, and can re-Tweet them to have your name show up in a variety of places.  This not only keeps you current and helps you offer valid and interesting information to your own followers, but it also helps increase your online presence.  The more people that see your name can mean you end up with an increased number of followers.  Ultimately, this can prove to be incredibly helpful with business growth. 

If you think that Twitter might be a worthwhile time investment for your business, go for it!  If you worry that it will be too time-consuming, or you aren't terribly comfortable using social media platforms, give us a call.  Newton Peach Marketing will set up social media profiles for businesses, and then we manage them daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, as dictated by the individual client.  We work closely alongside our customers to make sure their content is personalized, engaging, and ultimately beneficial to their business popularity and growth. 

Let the little blue bird become part of your business.  Newton Peach Marketing can help you "tweet" your way to success! 


Why You Should Be Using Google+

Google+ is a relatively new addition to the world of social media, but it has already taken the world by storm.  This platform is user-friendly, and is especially helpful to small business owners.  Unlike Facebook, Google+ is geared toward businesses, and since it is integrated with Google, it automatically syncs with maps, online info about your business, etc. 

So, why should you use Google+ for your small business? 

Cost Effective Marketing

Google+ is not only easy to use, but it's also free!  At no charge, you can set up your account, create a business page, and start being found by potential customers!  This is an extremely cost-effective way to boost your online presence since Google automatically gives higher priority to those with Google+ profiles. 


Since Google+ operates on a "circle" basis, it makes networking with other businesses, and with customers, incredibly easy.  Basically, you join "circles", and create circles of your own, which are groups of people based on interests, family, etc.  By having the ability to join circles that pertain to your own business, you create networking connections that can be powerful assets to your business and growth.

Good Option for a "Pre-website"

Don't have the money or resources for a website for your small business?  We think it should be a priority to have a website online representing your business as soon as possible, but we recognize that some clients aren't yet ready for that step.  Having a high-quality Google+ profile will at least get your name, business information, location, and samples of your work online for potential clients and customers to see until you can get a full website up and running.  It offers a more professional appearance and layout than Facebook so it can stand in as a sort of "pre-website" for those who are just starting out in the small business world. 

Think that Google+ might be a good fit for your business but don't think you have the time to set up and manage it?  Newton Peach Marketing has you covered!  We will set up your account, manage your profile, and keep you updated with statistics based on the performance of your G+ page.  We can also make sure your Google+ page is integrated with your existing social media outlets, in addition to your website, newsletters, etc. so your clients are seeing as much of your information as possible. 

Give us a call and let us help you grow your business with the multitude of available marketing tools in our hands, including Google+! 

Long-Term Relationships: Retention Marketing for Your Online Business

In today's world of internet-based EVERYTHING, online shopping is how most people make purchases.  While large businesses, such as Amazon, are responsible for a huge amount of these purchases, there are many small-business online stores that offer unique products and options that large companies just can't provide. 

However, the owners of these online businesses often struggle with how to build their client-base and retain customers while still adding new business.  Without face-to-face interaction, customer loyalty can be a tough obstacle, and as every business owner knows, loyalty and customer retention is one of the best, and quickest, ways to grow your company. 

So, how do you market your online business so as to hang onto your customers? 

Win Them Over

It might seem like a given, but customer service goes a long way in customer retention.  In a traditional store setting, business owners could chat with customers, be available for product explanations and demonstration, answer questions, etc.  With an online store, this is not as straightforward since there are often no hard-set business hours, and you aren't able to have in-person conversations with clients.  However, all is not lost!  There are some simple ways to offer great customer service to your online customers.  A few include...

·       Be available for questions through means such as email or online chat.  Consider advertising times that you are online and available for answering questions or concerns.  Make sure your times are accessible for the general public, or for the client base you serve.  For example, if most of your customers are working folks, being online at 2:00 in the afternoon won't be easy for them from their office.  Consider having early morning or later evening hours when they can reach you. 

·       Prompt response is important!  If you receive an email from a customer, answer it within a 24-hour period.  The sooner you answer, the more they will feel like they are being taken care of, and that's a huge way to build customer loyalty. 

·       Let them "get to know you".  Have a small blurb or introduction on your website.  By having a brief description of you, and perhaps a photo or two, customers are reminded that they are interacting with a person, not just a computer. 

Reward Their Loyalty

By offering customer loyalty or rewards programs, you can keep clients coming back for more! Knowing that their continued business is appreciated and valued by you as a business owner is a great way to get customers to purchase from you on multiple occasions.  Want more "bang for your buck"?  Offer a rewards program that encourages them to involve friends in the shopping experience.  For example, a "bring a friend to shop, and you both get 10% off your total purchase" or something like that.  This not only offers your existing customers an opportunity for savings, but it also introduces new faces to your store, meaning you have the chance at winning them over as well! 

Keep It Personal

Not only do customers need to see that YOU are a person (refer to the "getting to know you" idea above) but they need to know that you see them as an individual as well.  If they feel like a number or a check mark, they are far less likely to return to your business.  Make sure you keep the online shopping experience personal for them by including their name in every piece of correspondence, and do your best to include details that pertain to them.  Even if it involves going back into past emails and looking for some specifics, it's worth the effort if it means you are gaining a long-term customer. 

So, be encouraged online business-owners!  You can gain a huge customer following without ever meeting your clients face-to-face.  All you need are some simple marketing strategies. Don't think you have the time, energy, or talents to do this?  We can help!  Newton Peach Marketing specializes in retention marketing techniques, and we will customize a plan for you based on what your needs are and the customers you serve.  We do the hard work, and you reap the benefits.  It's that easy!