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Luxury vs. Necessity: The Health Benefits of Massage

Getting a massage is a luxury for many people, and oftentimes, it's only an occasional treat, given as a birthday gift, a Mother's Day indulgence, or as part of a full spa treatment on a weekend getaway. We don't think about massage in a clinical setting, or recognize it as a type of therapy, since it's usually used as a splurge. However, massage is actually very beneficial to your health. 


First, massage can help treat recurring muscle pain from stress and strain brought on by your job, your children, or even an old injury. Having regular massage can loosen up these tight muscles and help keep you flexible and free of pain. If you are having problems with a specific area, a professional massage therapist will know how your various muscle groups connect and work together, so he or she can pinpoint exactly where your pain is originating from and help relieve it. 

Additionally, massage therapy can offer stress relief, which is beneficial to your health on many levels. High stress leads to health concerns such as high blood pressure and heart rate, fatigue, depression and anxiety, and a plethora of other issues. Massage offers relief from your physical AND mental stress since it puts you in a deep state of relaxation. A professional therapist will know how to help you relax and release some of the built-up tension and stress. 

Finally, massage can encourage healthy body processes. In other words, things that your body should do naturally, can be helped along and made better by regular massage. For example, expectant mothers can opt for prenatal massage throughout their pregnancy to help their bodies adjust and cope with growing another life. When they get close to delivery, a massage therapist can help loosen muscles and keep the mother flexible and comfortable to ensure the easiest birth possible for mom and baby. In this same way, your respiratory function, digestive system, nervous system, etc. can all benefit from massage (depending on your own unique circumstances) if you have a therapist aware of your current health condition and qualified to handle it. 

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