Spreading Christmas Cheer in The Workplace

The Christmas countdown is on, and with just a few short weeks until the big day, businesses are in the rush to wrap up unfinished tasks and to finish the year strong. Unfortunately, this can often lead to a feeling of hurriedness and stress, and will suck the Christmas cheer right out of your office. Not only is this not a pleasant environment for you as the business owner, but it also decreases staff morale and does nothing to boost spirits in the workplace. Just like your home, your child's school, your neighborhood, and even our own downtown Winter Haven have been bustling with holiday cheer through decorations, concerts, parties, and other means of celebration, your work environment can reflect the fun of the season without sacrificing efficiency and/or productivity.


Try a few of these ideas to bring the spirit of Christmas to your office this year:

  • Staff Christmas party. The themes are endless, from Ugly Christmas Sweater parties to a white elephant gift exchange. A party doesn't have to be expensive! Ask each staff member to bring a treat to share, provide some coffee or drinks, and let the fun begin. Plan the party around everyone's lunch break, or specifically lay aside an hour during the regular work day to enjoy the party and to let your staff enjoy it too. Can't make a party happen during the day? An evening party works as well. Ask everyone to bring a heavy "snack" (finger foods work best) and/or a treat, and gather for an evening of socializing and celebrating the season.

  • Encourage giving. Christmas is about giving to others and finding joy in it, so what better way to spread cheer in your workplace than by offering an easy opportunity for everyone to give? This could be giving within your own workplace through something like a "Secret Santa" matchup between employees, adopting a local child or local family who can't afford a holiday celebration, or even choosing a local charity as a group and bringing in donations (specific items, gift cards, or even cash) that can be delivered as a group. No matter how you choose to give, there's no greater joy than bringing a smile to someone else at Christmas.

  • Competition! Everyone loves a good (friendly) competition. Plan a gingerbread contest and dividing staff into "teams" that can compete for a simple prize, or have a "cubicle decorating contest" that allows each employee to display their own unique creativity. Friendly Christmas competitions build team spirit within your workplace, and celebrate the holidays at the same time!

No matter how you celebrate the season with your staff, we hope the season brings you peace, happiness, and all the things you love. We wish you growth in the new year, and success in your business endeavors, and are here and ready to help if you want to break out of the mold and try something new for your business this year. Outsourcing your social media marketing is a great way to reach a new audience and establish your brand, and it's a wonderful way to make your business known in your own community and beyond. Newton Peach Marketing offers customized social media content for each individual client, in addition to blogs, graphic design, unique marketing materials, and anything else you need to make your business the best it can be.

Merry Christmas from Newton Peach!