Show Your Business Some Love!


With Valentine's coming up quickly, love is on everyone's mind. For business owners, a significant other isn't the only one who might need some extra TLC; your business could likely use a bit of love too! Taking time and making an effort to think through your current business practices, and coming up with ways to improve them and/or increase profits, is a great way to "love" your company, and also to show love to your own family as your business helps support them each day. One of the best ways to improve the reach and success of your business is through marketing, and there are several ways you can utilize this outlet to better your business, including: 

Social Media

It's not good enough to just have a social media page. If you aren't maintaining your social media presence, it's doing you little or no good, and could actually hurt your business. People who check a business page on Facebook or Google+ are looking for updated information, and good response time from the owner, and if they don't see that then they'll move on to another business offering what they need. That's money taken right out of your pocket. To make the most of your social media presence, aim to post engaging, informative, and/or entertaining content relative to your business at least once a week (preferably 2-3 times weekly). Also, check in weekly and look for any comments, questions, or other interactions on your page and posts. Responses to these are key in building a relationship with current and potential customers. 


Most business owners understand the importance of a website in today's world, but all sites are not created equal. Having a website done in a DIY fashion with standard stock photos, generic, themed information, and little personalization won't make your business stand out from the competition, and it certainly won't get any points for creativity. Websites are blend of content targeting your audience, engaging and personalized images, and dynamic portions that are continually updated or changed (like a blog!). These elements make your site unique to your business, keep current information within easy reach for customers, and offers a "first impression" of your brand for potential clients. 

Creative Content

Content is a key element in all of the outlets mentioned above, and then some. Social media platforms, websites, Youtube channels, blogs, printed materials, etc. all require content, and the more you customize it and make it applying to readers, the more it will benefit your business. Coming up with creative content without plagiarizing other creators is hard, yet vital to the growth and success of your brand. 

If you like what you've read above, and could see it benefitting your business, why not go ahead and show your business some love! If you really want to show your business you care this year, give it the gift of outsourcing your marketing needs to a professional. Newton Peach Marketing is proud to serve clients in and around the greater Central Florida region with top-quality marketing services. We offer content creation for both social media and blogging purpose, website design and maintenance, graphic design for printed materials and digital platforms, and more. If it helps your business grow, WE are ready to do it. We're just a phone call away...and your business will appreciate us a lot more than a box of chocolates!