Diversifying Your Marketing for Optimal Growth

The saying "Don't put all your eggs in one basket” is as easily applied to your business as any other situation, yet this passive warning is rarely heeded by owners, particularly those of the small business variety. Logically, you wouldn't put all of your financial resources into the work trucks and none into your office building when you start up, nor would you put all of your efforts into ordering materials and little to no effort on staff training. Why, then, do business owners feel that it's ok to invest in only one or two marketing or outreach efforts and then stop? 

Failing to diversify your marketing not only limits your image and brand in the community, but it also harms your business growth. Some common areas where we've noticed businesses "putting all their eggs in one basket" include: 

Limiting their social media presence. 

The more you're online, the more likely you are to be seen. It's just plain logical sense, yet many owners choose to pick only one type of online platform (most often, Facebook) and leave out other valuable opportunities for potential customers or clients to see their business! By investing in content creation and marketing efforts through Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, and other resources you're multiplying the amount of times your business name and services offered are being presented to the public, and that means more customers for you! 

Print is not dead. 

Printed materials in marketing have definitely lost popularity with the development of social media and online opportunities, but that does NOT mean they are irrelevant in the advertising world. The trick is knowing how to use certain types of materials and which ones will be reach your target audience and therefore benefit your business. For example, some well-placed custom business cards that are eye catching and out of the ordinary can bring much-needed exposure and set you apart from your competitors. In the same way, mailers, flyers, local ads (like the Coupon Book of East Polk County) and even banners or signs are all great options that will help you grow if, and only if, you are targeting the right audience with materials they will actually see and appreciate. 

Be a part of the community you want to market to

One of the best ways to encourage people to use a business is by building a relationship with the very consumers whom you want to serve. That can't be done unless you are actively involved within the community where your business is located! Volunteer at local charities or non-profits, invest in business sponsorships for local events, sponsor a local children's sports league, etc. and you'll root yourself into the position of being "one of the locals" and that will have huge benefits for your business. 

Newton Peach Marketing knows how, where, and when to target the audience you need, and how to custom design a marketing strategy plan for you to get maximum results. We take away the worry of diversifying your outreach efforts (and all that comes with them) and instead step in to do the hard work for you. Our goal is to hep you meet YOUR goals, and growing your business is our job. Give us a call and see how we can help you!