Red, White, and Glue: How Social Media Pulls Together Your Marketing Strategy


Happy Independence Day from Newton Peach Marketing! As we celebrate our many freedoms here in America, and reflect on what it means to be part of this country, those of us who own and operate small businesses take a little extra time to appreciate the freedom to pursue success and wealth through our own hard work and creativity. Starting your own company, and then nurturing it past the beginning stages into a phase of growth and prosperity is both thrilling and terrifying at the same time. Exciting, because it gives you first glimpses of success, but terrifying since it means you have to continue to "up your game" to keep that growth going. There's a saying though, "Work Smarter, not Harder." that can easily apply to small business growth if you know how to analyze it. 

Small businesses require you to build everything from the ground up. Building your brand, building your audience and targeted customer base, building your reputation, etc. are all key in becoming successful in your community and the surrounding area. While there are many ways to do this, and the exact formula will vary from business to business, modern day companies are realizing the worth of social media, and how it ties all other marketing strategies together. For example, consider some "traditional" means of marketing your business. Email newsletters, paper/print advertisements, business cards, and even blogging (which is still quite relevant by the way!) can benefit from having a strong social media presence, more so than if they stand alone and isolated. That email newsletter can not only link over to your online blog and/or website, but it also has the capability to link over to social media pages where readers can access a constant flow of information about your business, and from your business, rather than a once a week/month/period newsletter that give short blurbs about a handful of selected topics. Your business cards do the same. If they offer recipients a means of finding you online (social media icons, URLs to your various social media pages, etc.), then you've suddenly opened up a line of potential communication rather than a chance handoff of a simple card. In essence, social media is the "glue" that holds your entire marketing strategy together. 

Additionally, social media is such a diverse platform, that you can pull together print ads and then post them in digital form, offer specials and coupons right there online, target your posts and interactions at your preferred audience, etc. all of which are important in growing your client base. You can build your brand by tailoring your content to a specific end-goal concept that you've envisioned for your business, and then use that branding to establish your reputation with clients and customers. 

We know that discussing marketing strategies, business growth, etc. can be intimidating, especially when your days (and mind) are already full with the day-to-day tasks required to operate your company. That's why NPM is here to serve business owners like YOU. We help you formulate a plan to grow your business, and meet both short and long-term goals for your company. We offer a variety of custom packages tailored to fit exactly what you need, from social media management and curated content, to ad design and printed materials. We'd love to talk to you about making your dreams come true for your business, so give us a call!