New Year resolutions

New Year, New Plan: Top 3 Resolutions for Marketing YOUR Business in 2019


We are officially through the first week of 2019, and with a new year come new resolutions for a better “us." Health and wellness goals, a better self-care regimen, or even something as simple as finally tackling that unorganized closet in your bedroom of stuck on Post-Its, written in planners, or otherwise noted to remind you of what you’d like to accomplish throughout this coming year. As a business owner though, have you thought about how those resolutions could pertain to your company? 

Having specific goals and annual aspirations for your business are a huge part of not only keeping vision within your staff, but are also key to growing your business in the long term. We’ve all heard the saying “if your business isn’t growing, it’s dying”, which is why setting quantifiable and attainable goals for your business is a great way to kick off each new year. 

Not sure where to start? How about these: 

1.    Improve your marketing strategy. Perhaps you’re doing absolutely nothing to market your business currently, or maybe you have a budget that allows for multiple marketing platforms, but whatever you are (or aren’t) doing, we can guarantee there’s a way for you to improve upon it. Ideas can include upgrading your website, investing in social media content and engagement, participating in community events, or even purchasing fresh business cards for 2019. Basically, take what you’re already doing, and try to choose at least 3 additional things you could do to reach more people on behalf of your brand. Already have a website? Try a quarterly email newsletter to go along with it! Updating your Facebook page monthly? Weekly is best, and adding Twitter, Instagram, or even LinkedIn to the mix is even better. Just make it a goal to do something to improve your marketing strategy this year. 

2.    Do a website review. Your website is the face of your business in the online world, and a poorly done one will leave a bad impression of your business and will lead to losing customers over time. Take time this new year to look closely at your existing website, and note changes that could make it more user-friendly, visually appealing, and streamlined. For even more perspective, ask friends and family to offer feedback as well with fresh eyes and new ideas. 

3.    Implement a customer feedback policy. No one knows how to improve your business, or how to encourage you with what you’re doing right, than your own customers. Implementing a customer feedback policy this year will give you valuable insight to what customers are happy with, what they’d like more of, and which things weren’t their favorite. Feedback can be done by way of reviews through pages such as Facebook or Google Business, they can be done through email newsletters, through your website, or even in person with a pen and paper system if you prefer. Just giving your customers the opportunity to give their opinion on the products and services you offer makes them feel like they matter, and that will keep them coming back for more. 

If the ideas above seem great, but overwhelm you, we have a secret…

You can meet your resolutions without having to do any of these things yourself. 

Surprised? It’s simple! Newton Peach Marketing provides all of these services and more to clients throughout the Winter Haven area and beyond. We are happy to serve clients from long-distance, without sacrificing customized and personal service and regular communication. Local clients trust us to manage all of their business marketing needs, because OUR resolution is to see your business be the best it can be in 2019. Give us a call and see how we can help you grow!