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The Package Deal: Social Media Management vs. Posting Alone

Social media is one of the, if not the, top means of advertising your business in today's technology-driven world. Because of this, marketing consultants and firms often advertise social media as one of their services, and when you outsource your marketing to these providers, they typically guarantee X number of posts per week/month on your selected social media platforms. While posting in and of itself is important when building your brand online, it doesn't completely cover your bases in the world of social media. That's why Newton Peach Marketing offers full social media management

What's the difference? 

Well, picture your business's social media presence like a retail shop. While it's important that each department run well, if you only focus on one department and ignore the rest, the store just won't work. The same is true of your social media platforms. Posting alone is only one portion of keeping your platforms running. Engaging with followers and commenters, keeping up with messages within each platform and responding in turn, overseeing job postings and applications (if applicable), making sure contact information is kept up to date and current across all platforms, and routinely maintaining visual appeal are all key parts in making sure your social media profiles are representing your business in the best way possible. Newton Peach offers all of this and more. Instead of simply posting for you on a schedule, we place ourselves in your shoes and operate the social platforms on your behalf. This includes engaging your customers and followers in the messages and comments section, changing out content and artwork (profile pictures, cover photos, etc.) with seasonally appropriate options or content of your choosing, routinely updating contact information, and so forth. 

When it comes to the posting itself, we are proud to customize content for each of our clients, including fun designs, a variety of both informative and entertaining verbiage, and linking over important items from your own website and/or blog to improve traffic between your various points of contact online. When you trust Newton Peach Marketing with your social media you are getting the package deal, and can rest assured knowing your business is in good hands. 

Give us a call for a free quote and find out how we can help you grow your business and build your brand! 

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year...for Bloggers


Blogging is a huge part of the marketing world, and really, for the world in general with today's technology and social media involvement. Whether you utilize a traditional "diary" style blog to document your own personal life, have a sponsored blog with lots of paid content, or choose the more tech-savvy video blog, known as a "vlog,” producing content that your followers want to read and/or see is key in building an audience and creating your brand. This is true for businesses even more so than individuals, since an audience leads to customers, and increased customer base means more profit for you over time. 

When it comes to blogging, coming up with relevant content that is creative enough to capture the attention of internet-goers can be hard. That is, until the holiday season rolls around. From October, with its bursts of pumpkins and Fall and Halloween fun, to Thanksgiving in November, and well into Christmas and New Years, coming up with trendy content that ties in with your business and your market becomes much easier when you have the plentiful topics surrounding these holidays and seasons. There are a few important things to keep in mind when using holiday and seasonal topics for your blog...

  • Remember your keywords! Search online, and you'll quickly be able to come up with a list of popular keywords (and hashtags) that tie in with various holidays and seasons. Tying these into your blog posts and social media content is a great way to make sure your content is found during searches.

  • Make it relevant. Anyone can write a post about safety tips for Halloween, or how to pick the perfect gift for your loved one at Christmas, but you don't want to be just anyone. Knowing how to spin these topics into a post that also weaves your business and your goods/services into the content is vital in making your blog appear professional and unique. So, for example, a local orthodontist could write about the safest candies for braces-wearers, or a local retail store could offer insight into the 5 hottest items flying off their shelves around Christmas and why they'd be perfect for your family. Knowing how to put these pieces together and form them into a marketing work of art is a huge part of becoming a "blogger" on a higher level. 

  • A catchy title matters! The title is essentially how your blog "puts its best foot forward" for readers. Something catchy and fun, or informative and full of relevant keywords, is a great way to pull in an audience and lure them into the rest of the content. 

We know that blogging for your business can be intimidating, especially since your schedule is busy running the business itself. That's why Newton Peach Marketing offers blogging services. We customize content for each individual client, using the tricks above to make sure you are seen, your brand is developed, and potential customers connect with you. Whether you're simply looking for routine blogging services, or a full-scale marketing plan to include your social media, printed materials, and more, Newton Peach Marketing is the #1 choice for small businesses. Call us and see how we can help you build a better brand. 

Finding The Right Font: Why Does It Matter?


Growing your business requires making countless decisions, like interviewing and selecting employees, choosing your bookkeeping method, hours for your office, etc. Even advertising your business requires formulating a budget, investing in various outlets and outreach opportunities (like local publications, social media, radio/television ads, and more), and narrowing down which options work best as you see the results come in. However, one choice you might not put a lot of thought into is...font. 

Yep, font. The very formation of the letters, that make the words, that make up the advertisements, posts, blogs, websites, emails, and every other digital form of written communication that is responsible for representing your brand to the public is often underestimated when making decisions for your business...but maybe you should give it a little more consideration before you hit that "Publish" or "Send" button. Fonts can completely change the way a message is perceived and can take an ad from eye-catching to an eyesore. So, what criteria should you look for when choosing a font? 

  • Consider the type of project. A business email to a potential client vs. a fun advertisement about an upcoming community festival you'll be attending require TOTALLY different font styles. Anyone who has ever received an important professional email in Comic Sans will understand that the type of font you choose can change the way someone sees you as a business owner and will give your brand an unprofessional air on the end of the reader. It's key to understand which types of font are best for the work at hand. Save the fun, bold fonts for events or informal publications, and stick to the classics for the important business. 
  • Consider the reader. Different readers will need different font styles. Sending out a newsletter to a retirement community? You'll probably opt for a basic font with slightly larger-than-average sizing for easy reading. A fun grand opening ad for a hip, new club in your area on the there hand would opt for a bold, exciting font, likely with pops of color, to stand out to their younger clientele as they scroll through social media or flip through a local magazine. Knowing your target audience will help you pick a font that is sure to draw readers in instead of making them look the other way. 
  • Remember that publications/written text have feelings too. What we mean is, every piece of written work or graphic design has a tone/feel to it that is meant to convey a message. An exciting local event, a sad tribute to a lost employee or business connection, a serious article/post regarding a company topic, etc. all have different "vibes" that need to be reflected by the font. For example, you wouldn't typically use a bright pink, curly, cursive font for an email to employees about a company policy. In the same way, using a bland, serious font for a fun office party is not the way to get people excited. You need to think about the desired tone of your piece and use that to help you choose a font that reflects the same. 
  • When it comes to your design needs, posts, blogs, and more, decisions can be overwhelming. That's why outsourcing your marketing to a local, trusted company like Newton Peach just makes sense! You get all the benefits of a customized marketing plan without all the work. You enjoy results without having to make continual decisions or think about which options are working best to expand your customer base and increase profits. That's our job, because OUR goal is to grow YOUR business. We are proud to serve the Central Florida area with top-quality services to a variety of clients, from small businesses to large firms, and we are ready to help you. Give us a call!